Charles M. Schulz' marvelous book MY LIFE WITH CHARLIE BROWN describes 'the biggest mistake I ever made' in PEANUTS. Adding Faron would have required that Snoopy behave like a dog, and while this might have been possible in the Fifties when Snoopy walked on all fours and had no Red Baron...it was completely impossible in the Sixties. As for Floof, she has a vulnerable side that I did not originally write into the character. I'm going to explore her identity conflict a bit more in future strips--she is in a dog family, but knows that she is a Cat. Cats are delicate creatures compared to dogs. Thank you for your kind remarks.

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Sep 24Liked by Nancy Beiman

Each day of this story was so much fun and so wonderful to look at. Floof's last roar was perfect.

I love all the characters, but I'm a cat person, so Floof has been my favorite from the start. I can't wait to see all the new characters and the new story lines.

Thanks, Nancy, for bringing us so much enjoyment.

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Sep 23Liked by Nancy Beiman

The more I get to know a cat, the more I notice the deeper dimensions of their personalities. Floof is proving to be such an intrepid explorer of her surroundings and her character, and she's so adorable. She has equally vivacious cousins at my door.

Reminded how Schulz promptly realized the dilemma of pairing Snoopy with Faron the Cat (named for country singer Faron Young). Snoopy did indeed proceed to the expected antagonism, until chasing Faron up a tree and out of "Peanuts." (Snoopy then landed with a thud or a klunk.) Schulz concluded, "I think poor Faron is gone for good."

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Thanks for the insight into you and the comic! You know I love it!

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