Lot of good strips listed! I was a fan of "Out of the Gene Pool" when I was a kid, having read it in newspapers growing up. I would love to have the entire run reprinted in books, but as of now only a "best of" collection is available.

Some of my favorite reads, in addition to some of the ones you listed, are "Phoebe and Her Unicorn", "Wallace the Brave", "Arlo and Janis", "Crabgrass" and, 'Breaking Cat News", and "Scary Gary".

Seconding "Broom-Hilda". Another favorite growing up.

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Sep 2Liked by Nancy Beiman

FurBabies is such a fun comic, and so beautifully drawn. I'm excited about the Halloween story.

I also like most of the other comics you listed, with Ten Cats and UFO being among my favorites. I love Floof, and all cats, so I would add Breaking Cat News and Mutts and Texts from Mittens to the list.

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